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Peloponnese - Antonopoulos Vineyards
The Antonopoulos vineyards

The Antonopoulos vineyards

Antonopoulos Vineyards was founded by the late visionary winemaker, Constantinos Antonopoulos near the city of Patras in the northwestern Peloponnese.

Constantinos saw the vast, untapped potential of this diverse landscape, especially the mountainous regions of Achaia and the unique winemaking opportunities it presented. Constantinos often said that the quality and the spirit of wine cannot be dictated but must be earned and he lived by this philosophy until his sudden and tragic death.

In 1994, Yiannis & Nikos Halikias, with the support of the Antonopoulos family, assumed control of Antonopoulos Vineyards and have continued the important work of Constantinos Antonopoulos. For the Halikias cousins, Antonopoulos Vineyards represent the greatest of challenges and a new way of life, but for them there is no turning back. Creativity, knowledge, loyalty and vision are the important qualities that are embodied in the new owners and their team of hard working specialists as they continue to realize the dreams of the beloved Constantinos Antonopoulos.

"There are no secrets in winemaking. There is only the challenge and the desire to succeed. You can never stand still," says Yiannis Halikias. Their love and passion for wine is what distinguishes and establishes them as leaders in the changing world of Greek wine. Their simple goal is to make the best wine possible and it requires ceaseless effort. As consumer’s tastes mature their demands change, providing the impetus for the constantly evolving process of winemaking and Antonopoulos Vineyards are at the forefront of these exciting developments.

The Vineyards

The Antonopoulos vineyards

The Antonopoulos vineyards

Antonopoulos Vineyards controls a total of 75 hectares in the Peloponnese, with 23 hectares privately owned. The other 52 hectares belong to associate farmers that have collaborated with the company for many years and cultivate their vineyards under the guidance of the Antonopoulos agronomists. The privately owned vineyards are spread throughout the sought after regions of Achaia, Demesthia and Vassilika. The associate vineyards are located in the high profile areas of Peristera and Moraitica in the region of Achaia and Ancient Ilida, the agiorghitiko region of Arcadia. The soils in the region of Achaia are sand, clay and limestone and in the region of Arcadia mostly clay and limestone.

The majority of Antonopoulos wines are made from indigenous Greek grapes, but they also produce wines from international grape varieties. The grapes cultivated in the regions of Achaia and Ilia include Roditis, Lagorthi, Santameriana, Asproudes, Mavrodaphne, Vertzami, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Frank. In the region of Arcadia the popular Moschofilero grape is grown and here it displays some of its finest qualities. The yields are rigidly controlled and kept under 9 tons per hectare-liter.


Great wine begins in the vineyard and the Antonopoulos commitment to making the finest wines possible, requires special attention to their unique collection of vineyards and the distinctive wines that each will produce. The winery has been equipped with the latest in modern technology and the entire winemaking process is carefully monitored by their dedicated team of viticulturists and oenologists. The Antonopoulos promise of quality and their love of the rich indigenous grape heritage of Greece put them at the forefront of "the Greek Wine Renaissance".

The vineyards, located just south of Patras on the slopes of the Achaia mountains, consist of unique indigenous varieties and well adapted French grapes which combine to produce wines that continue to receive the international recognition and acclaim they deserve.




101 25th Martiou Str.
Paralia Patron
26500 Patra
Tel: +30 2610 525459

US Importer
Fantis Foods
60 Triangle Blvd
NJ 07072
Tel: 201 9336200

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