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Sterea Ellada - Domaine Evharis

The Winemakers

Eva Boehme and Haris Antoniou

Eva Boehme & Haris Antoniou

By combining their names, Eva Boehme and Haris Antoniou, came up with the name EVHARIS, a name they have also passed on to their renowned wines.

Two leading figures from the business world, Eva and Haris, relying on the traditional values of Greece’s wine-making culture, turned their life-long dream into reality by creating a heavenly vineyard on the slopes of the Gerania Mountains just a few kilometers from Athens.

Domaine Evharis White
Domaine Evharis Red
Ilaros White
Ilaros Red


Eva-Maria Boehme, originally an entrepreneur from the construction industry, committed body and soul to the German tradition of viniculture. She has become a leading figure in the revival of the wine tradition in the Gerania area, an activity she combines with her profession as an architect and spatial/environmental design consultant.

Domaine Evharis vineyards

Domaine Evharis vineyards

In a landscape dotted with the abandoned remains of traditional wine presses, she converted the old vineyards into modern linear ones and built a state-of-the-art winery by extending the already existing stone structure. Here she spends countless hours overseeing the quality of the work being done.

Haris Antoniou, a renowned businessman originally from the world of tourism, supervises and runs ‘his new venture’, having thrown himself body and mind into his new passion. He personally oversees all phases of work in the vineyards and the wine production process and has gathered only the best qualified people to help in the production of his wines. It is because of his top quality staff that he has received both Greek and international distinctions and awards for the Evharis wines.

The Vineyard

Domaine Evharis vineyards

Evharis Estate vineyards

Under cultivation for over 15 years now, the particularly well tended vineyards covering 20 hectares are planted with only select varieties of grapes. The vineyards are located on the hills surrounding the communities of Pefkeneas and Mourtiza near Megara.

The soil, rich in calcium and trace elements, is the raised bed of what was once a fresh water lake bordering on the sea, which when combined with mild winters and cool summers creates an ecosystem ideal for the cultivation of the vineyard.

The Winery

Domaine Evharis Winery

Evharis Estate Winery

Varieties such as Assyrtiko, Roditis (rose grapes), Athiri, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah, Carignan, Merlot and Grenache Rouge flourish in the calcium rich soil and the winery’s state-of-the-art facilities guarantee the transformation of the grapes into quality wine.

From the important decision on when to harvest, the careful transfer of the must to tanks without the use of pumps by utilizing gravity and pressure from pneumatic presses, the careful temperature control of fermentation in stainless steel tanks (INOX) to the time the wine is aged in new, French oak barrels reminds one of wine production at a French chateau with everything done to the timeless rhythms of the famed Bordeaux Crus.

Domaine Evharis Winery

Evharis Estate vineyards

At the state-of-the-art winery facilities, high quality procedures for treating the grapes and the automated bottling line are guarantees that the exceptional quality of Domaine Evharis wines is retained over time. All the wines produced by Domaine Evharis whether white, red or rose, proudly display the honorary appellation ‘Local Wines of Gerania’ on their labels. The list of international medals and prizes awarded at wine-tastings are ample reward for the tremendous efforts made to achieve quality, efforts which in the end promote the entire area.

At the Domaine Evharis winery, grapes from some neighboring vineyards, grown under the supervision and control of the vineyard’s agronomists, are used to produce two fresh and fruity wines with the distinct name "ILAROS" to the same demanding standards as the Estate’s other wines.

A few words about Evharis

Domaine Evharis remains a Greek concern although it is run according to a strict German management style.

In addition to producing top quality wines, the interest of the Domaine Evharis owners also extends to upgrading the historical areas of Pefkeneas and Mourtiza, thus demonstrating how the traditional, rural character of the Greek countryside can be preserved.

The winery is located among 2,500 year old, abandoned wine presses. Domaine Evharis is making every effort to acquire as many of these as it can with the aim of renovating them and converting them into traditional guesthouses.

Domaine Evharis winery church

Evharis Estate winery church

On the Domaine is a hall ideal for various events with a restaurant and terrace from which - just like at a divine banquet - one can admire the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding area as far as the Gulf of Salamina. These facilities are ideal for seminars on wine as well as conferences and special events. The paths separating the vineyard from other areas have been lined with countless rose bushes, almond trees, pomegranate trees and mimosas. This small slice of heaven is topped off with every conceivable sweet smelling herb including rosemary and lavender. Scattered across the estate are fruit trees and olive trees. Two famous painters (Lydia and Fotis Sarris) decorated the interior of the small church on the Domaine.

At present, work on an exhibition hall, which will house one of the most complete personal collections of Modern Greek art from the last 35 years, is in progress.

The construction of a small museum dedicated to wine will be a fitting tribute to the wine-making tradition of the area around the Gerania Mountains which dates back to antiquity and which is closely connected to the cities of Megara and Elefsina.

In past times schools would close while the grapes were being harvested. The city emptied and life for the residents and their domesticated animals moved to the wine presses until the last drop of precious must remaining in the moist hollows of the wine presses was cleaned out and sold off or transferred.

Matured wine from the famed cellars of Megara left the harbour of Pachi on boats destined for ports as far off as France. There are countless images, which bear witness to the pleasant activities of the residents of Megara during the grape harvest. It is the hope of Domaine Evharis that these will be preserved untouched by the passage of time.




Domaine Evharis

19100 Mourtiza,
Tel: +30 22960 90346

Athens Office:
24 Lagoumitzi Str.
17671 Athens
Tel: +30 210 9246930
Fax: +30 210 9246931

US Importers:
Stellar Imports
166-23 17TH Road Whitestone,
New York NY11357
Tel: 718 3521180

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Tel:/ Fax: 704 8751973

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