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Sterea Ellada - Katogi - Strofilia

With more than 110 hectares of vineyards in its ownership, rented and cultivated jointly, at Metsovo, in Macedonia, in the Peloponnese and in Attica, and with wineries at Metsovo, Anavyssos, and Nemea, Katogi & Strofilia SA is among the most dynamic Greek wine-producing companies. It invests systematically in its vineyards, in the technological equipment of its wineries and in its human resources, and produces wines from native and international varieties, thus extending the quality options of modern consumers. At the same time, it contributes to the development of wine tourism and actively promotes the part played by art in wine-centred events. It holds exhibitions at its vineyards and wineries, and sponsors the activities of the E. Averoff Gallery and a variety of other artistic happenings.


The winery in Metsovo

The winery in Metsovo

The history of the production of wine at Metsovo begins in the late 1950s, when Evangelos Averoff planted on the slopes of the Pindus the first vines in Greece of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety and bottled in the cellar (katogi) of his house the wine which takes the name of Katogi Averoff. Today, Katogi & Strofilia cultivates vineyards at Metsovo (St Nicholas Monastery, Yiniets), in Eastern Zagori (Voutsa Monastery), and in Eastern Macedonia. The winery, which is in the village of Metsovo, is the centre of the making of the red wine of Katogi & Strofilia, with a cellar with hundreds of French oak barrels and premises for the agaeing of the wines in ideal conditions of temperature and humidity.

Katogi - Averoff Red
Averoff Estate
Averoff Chardonnay
Strofilia White
Strofilia Rosé
Strofilia Red

Katogi - Averoff

Katogi Averoff

Mikri Strofilia
Strofilia Giinos


Strofilia winery in Anavissos

Strofilia winery in Anavissos

Strofilia made its first appearance in 1985. A white wine from the native Savvatiano and Roditis varieties, it has created a trend in the Greek wine market and has played its own individual role. With the passage of the years, the Strofilia wine family has expanded to include in its collection white, rosé and red wines. In 2004, it was installed in its new state-of-the-art, fully equipped winery at Anavyssos. With its interior and exterior decorated with works by modern artists, the Strofilia winery is a nodal point for the production of the company's white wines.


Strofilia winery in Nemea

Strofilia winery in Nemea

At the heart of Nemea, in the village of Asprokambos, the company's third winery has operated since 1999. Equipped with modern technological resources and with premises where the wines mature and develop, this winery enables Katogi & Strofilia to produce wine from grapes of the Agiorgiitiko variety from the vineyards of the area, making full use of their special quality characteristics, and to produce dry red wines which make apparent the features of their origin.

Our relation with art

Vineyards in Metsovo

Vineyards in Metsovo

The history of our wine is closely bound up with art. Evangelos Averoff, the winery's creator, also had as his vision the creation of the E. Averoff Gallery at Metsovo. Today, the Gallery houses an important collection of works by Greek artists, and Katogi & Strofilia is an ardent supporter and principal sponsor of the events which it holds. At the same time, the company's premises and wineries are decorated with works of art, while labels, wine packaging and creative material are often produced by young artists. The holding of exhibitions and sponsorships of artistic events enjoy a foremost position in the company's - other than wine - activities as it continues its long-established qualitative progress in the world of wine, with the advancement of culture as its vision.

Wine Tourism

Harvest in Metsovo

Harvest in Metsovo

Vineyards, grapes, presses, tanks, barrels... Bottles which open to give you aromas and tastes to enjoy... At the Katogi & Strofilia wineries at Metsovo and Anavissos you will get to know the process by which wine is produced, you will feel the magic of it, and you will complete your visit with a generous tasting. Among the forthcoming activities of the company is the operating of a small hotel unit and of a restaurant on the premises of the winery at Metsovo. There visitors will be able to enjoy the wines, the local dishes and the special beauty of nature in Epirus.





Katogi Winery
44200 Ioannina
Tel: +30 26560 41684
Fax: +30 26560 42397

Strofilia Winery
Mikras Asias Str.
19013 Anavyssos
Tel: +30 22910 41650
Fax: +30 22910 38850

Athens Headquarters - Distribution
Katogi-Strofilia S.A.
59, Marathonodromon Str.
15452 Athens
Tel: +30 210 6778244

US Importers

Wines We Are Importers & Distributors
104 Sackett St
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Contact: Jim Bantis
Tel: 718-680-8244

Dionysos Imports
11581 Robertson Dr., Suite 101
Manassas, VA 20109
Contact: Yiannis Tsapos
Tel: 703-392-7073

Distinctive Imports
1016 Inverness Dr
Antioch, IL 60002
Contact: George Katris
Tel: 800-987-0239

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